Flash Mx

I have a problem with my FLASH MX, im tryin to make a site to display photograpghy, but flash keeps “performing an illegal operation” and closing down! keep happening when im puttin pictures in, usually after bout 6 or 7! very annoyin, can anyone tell me why?

Wierd, did you check for a virus in your comp? Make sure you save often.

i keep savin but some times it closes down before i can open it again, ill check for viruses… its been playin up alot lately tho!

Does this happen w/ any other progs or just this one. If happens w/ a lot of other ones, it’s definetly and virus.

im not sure, somethin always wrong with my computer! but seems to be jsut flash mx at the moment!

Don’t feel bad. I own a broken compaq 1200 :trout:.

thats weird, mines a compaq too!

Lol, no wonder. Let’s have people pity us.