Flash on Macs

Hi All,

I’m in need of some help with variables being passed to flash. I’ve been doing this now for a while with great results in IE and Firefox on a PC. However, I never checked on Macs. Apparently my variables are not being pulled into flash on Macs, regardless of the browser. I’m using the flashobject.js file to embed the flash. My actionscript is:

copy_xml = new XML();
copy_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
copy_xml.onLoad = function(){
 rootNode = copy_xml.firstChild.firstChild;
  headline.htmlText = rootNode.attributes.headline;
 copyArea.htmlText = rootNode.attributes.copyArea;

As I said, works great on PC’s, not so much on Mac’s.

So then I tried passing the variables as a parameter of the flashobject. Again, works great in IE, but doesn’t work on MAC’s. I’m at a loss here. Anyone have any suggestions?