Flash on web and CD-Rom

Greetings Kirupians!!!

I’ve made an application that has to run on the web and an extended version for publication on a CD-Rom.
I can make the CD version display in fullscreen by using the fscommand.
Does anybody have an idea how to make it fullscreen for the web. If the menubar stays visible, that won’t be a problem.

My work-around so far;
I’ve made an index page with a link that says:

<a href=“index.htm” onClick=“window.open(‘Futura.html’, ‘’, ‘fullscreen=1, scrollbars=0’);”>

This works but a scrollbar is always visible. Even though it is faded. If someone knows how to remove the scrollbar, I’d really appreciate it.
And if somebody know how to maintain a small menubar on top that would be great too.