Flash/php form trouble

hey there guys!
starting to loose my mind with this… followed kirupa’s flash/php form tutorial, but dont receive the forms in the e-mail!

everything is just like the tutorial (!), checked every step (about 10times)!
i’ve also checked the server compatibility with php and its ok! and copied the tutorial php file to the server too, but still wont work!
so, my problem has to be in flash…

are there any other possible codes to the send button beside these?
* on (release) {
form.loadVariables(“email.php”, “POST”);

in the form movieclip i have these, but dont see any problem (when i export the file, my .swf behaves has if it has sent the e-mail - going to the next frame-, and in the server as well…):

  • onClipEvent(data){
  • } 

thanks in advance guys!
i’m getting really really desperate…hope someone can help me :pa: