Flash <= PHP => SQL very good tutorial


some cool stuff in there, unfortunately, in portugese,
could guess most of it with my spanish “souvenirs” … :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Never though that my tutorial would make so much fuss, :wink:

I’ve just notice now that it was linked here at kirupa forums, so if anyone stills want the tut translated I can give a try.



I’ve always wondered how much of a pain it must be to code in a different language, this means that you really have to, I thought there might be like a portugese php parser or something. I guess not, man I’m glad I speak english! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, along the same lines as what this article is talking about :

Is there any way to send variables to a php file from flash WITHOUT having the page open? (ie. transparently)

I’ve tried everything that I think should work, and nothing does…

Any suggestions? What works for you?


That’s cool, why in TechNews though? :ub:

I’ve moved it to Server-Side :slight_smile:

What do you mean by the page open??

Like when I send the variables to a php page using a loadvars object, it only works when I have the php page actually open in a new window.

I want it to work so that it just sends the variables straight to the php page without actually showing/opening the page.