Flash placement in a page

Hey folks,

First off - excellent site. It actually shows how to do all the fancy stuff that everyone got into Flash in the first place for.

I have a bit of a noob question. I created a layout in PS, sliced it, and exported it as HTML and PNG’s. I edited this in Dreamweaver MX to centre it up (basically putting it into a big table). My plan was to delete the main part of the layout, and use the image as a background for a Flash movie, so the whole thing would look like a nice image in the middle of the screen. But! When I put the movie in the page and view it, the whole thing is skewed by about 5 pixels , misaligning my images and ruining the effect.

I’ve used CSS to remove all padding and borders, but I can’t think of what else to try. Any ideas?

thx muchly