Flash player crash after closing SWF

Hey there,
so I was having this weird phenomenon in a rather complex flash app, that even though the app worked fine and didn’t throw any errors, it just crashed the flashplayer upon closing the SWF…
I first thought that there was something in my code, that I was doing something wrong in my code, but I now have my app stripped down to this:

	import flash.display.MovieClip
	import flash.media.Camera
	import flash.media.Video
	public class exposure_main extends MovieClip
		private var cam:Camera;
		private var vid:Video;

		public function exposure_main()
		private function setupCam():void
			cam = Camera.getCamera();
			cam.setMode(640, 480, 30);
			vid = new Video(640, 480);



So really just the most basic of webcamapps, and it still crashes everytime I close the SWF.

This happens to me on multiple computers with multiple webcams. Am I doing something wrong here or did I encounter an unfortunate bug?

Any help would be very much appreciated.