Flash popups, with a close button

Hello, I have a doubt, i can´t find anywhere.

in some sites there is flash popups, with a close button and he in the end he fade out.

I try to put some “this.unloadMovie();”, but in firefox not work very well, i can´t click anything below him, if i have a form i can´t click, but works on IE.

I saw in some sites flash popups, when you click de close button he dissapier, he works fine, i try to saw the source, but i can´t figure out.

Someone knows how to do that?

Sorry about my english.

you can unload something from inside itself you would have to call a function on the main timeline…

Sorry but i din´t understand.

You have some example?

Look this site.http://www.netshoes.com.br, I try see the source but nothing.

Sorry about my english.

removeMovieClip ?

Maybe you can use the property _visible to make the popup appear and disapper… Something like

close_btn.onRelease=function() {
this._visible = false;