Flash Random Quotes/Text Tutorial

Hey Gang,

I’m new here, and not much of a Flash guru, though I know my way around Dreamweaver pretty well. I’m helping w/ the website at our church and came across the “Flash Random Quotes” tutorial here on kirupa.com at:

My question is this:
How can I do something like this, but I want the quotes to randomly display about every 10 seconds, as long as the page is open … I don’t want to only have one, single random quote on page load.

Our issue is this:
I’m tasked to have a random display of ongoing “testimonies” on our church website. Right now, I’m using jquery, but it’s quirky (as you can see below), but the worst thing is, it isn’t random - it loads the testimonies in order that they are listed in the sidebar.php file. So, everybody that visits reads the same few testimonies at the beginning, and doesn’t see the other ones.

Here’s the link where the testimonies are on the sidebar, that isn’t giving the desired results:

I’d rather try and use Flash to pull random testimonies from the quotes file … but I don’t want it to only show one … I want it to show a random testimony, then about 10 seconds later, show another random one, etc.

Any help?