Flash Remoting related..plzz help really important

My client wants to migrtae his application from “Technology one” to “Technology Two”

“Technology one”:collection of HTML pages+asp pages(includes database connectivity)
+Flash movies(without the use of flash remoting and Flex)

“Technology Two”:This is what we have to decide.Client wants this as a complete ASP.NET
application(collection of aspx pages with Flash embedded on it).So
can you suggest me if I should use simple loadvars() class to paas and
receive variables to and from aspx pages.Or should I go with the Flash Remoting component.
I dont know the abc of flash remoting…:frowning:

There is only one Flash control(containing varoius movies).What do you suggest …deadline coming.PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELP…
thanks in advance…:pa: