Flash RPG

I’ve got a few questions for you guys. I need help for a game which I’m not going to explain because it will probably be boring for you. Anyways my first question is how would I make an ActionScript to where If I move my character into a door or something how would I make it go to frame 2. Second question here I’ll give you a scenario let’s say my character was a ball and there was another ball in the room how would I make my ball able to talk to the other ball. What I mean is let’s say if I was right in front of the ball or right behind it or right next to it and I hit the “e” how would I make a text box come like he said something to me or visa versa, finally how could I make a game where you got to try to collect as much coins as I can but you don’t have to collect them all I want there to by about 50 or so but anyways once you finish the it tells you how much you have collected. Thanks so much for your time and It would be deeply appreciated!!

P.S. If you wanted to know I’m trying to make an adventure game.

I’m using flash mx and on the lessons they dont list hit test