Flash screensaver probs

I’m currently making a flash movie to use a screensaver. The problem is that I have a button that opens a link from the screensaver, I need this button to also close the screensaver (it closes on a keypress normally). I’ve tried putting fscommand(“quit”,"") in with the button, but it has no effect, the screensaver still stays on, does anybody know of another way that I could exit the screensaver? Maybe by simulating a key press through AS (which I have no idea how to do)?

what exactly are you using to make the swf into a screensaver? screenweaver, swfstudio pro? flash doesnt make screensavers outta the box so please be a little more specific as to what your trying to do and with what program :wink:

r u sure that u wrote fscommand(“quit”);

I’m using screenswift from http://www.tenmiles.com as its nice and cheap. I’ve tried fscommand(“quit”, “”) and fscommand(“quit”), both won’t exit the screensaver. Perhaps the only way is to simulate a key press somehow maybe?

well thats an issue with the software your using not flash i suggest you use screenweaver or MDM Flash Studio Pro2 or verify the options when it exports the screensaver, i know for sure its not a flash problem good luck :wink: