Flash scrollbar question?

ive been reading through this tutorial here:

but i want to use the scrollbars to scroll the actual swf…is that possible? i need a couple of the pages on my site to be able to scroll, but i dont want to make them all dynamically loaded text scrollers, because, well, having that big white box is kinda ugly =/

and if that isnt possible, is it in any way possible to be able to get rid of that ugly box? my site has a metalish background and i want to be able to scroll the text over that, instead of scrolling it in the white box, is there any way i could do that? or is there any way i could change the color of the box?

im pretty new to flash and i dont know if either of those are possible, any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(please answer all of my questions, if at all possible i would rather be able to do what i asked in my first question =/ )