Flash & SEO

I have been getting a few calls and emails from clients lately, concerned that thier websites are not getting very good listings on google. I explained that flash and google don’t really mix, and with a few clients, had to go into detail about SEO rules, how google sniffs tags, looks for content, etc - and that because their site content is embedded in the flash file, it makes for a difficult dilemna. The other nite I was thinking about this, and came up with a very basic idea: use php to “trick” google bots. Attached is the file I came up with. It’s actually very simple. Make an if/else clause. If the useragent is a bot, show it a standard html file, otherwise, spit out the html file with the flash file embedded. I have “just” sent the first one out to google, so I cant be 100% that its going to fool them, but it should, the syntax is all correct… here’s hoping huh!