Flash Shopping Cart

Hi I am looking for a little advice on the best method to try and resolve a flash data issue.
I bought PPCC - great component and support, but I can’t get past something that has cropped up that I did not know about. The data sent to the shopping cart is not carried through from .swf to .swf - (The cart empties).
I was given this advice, but I am not sure what to do- or shall I say the best way to do it.

“I’m sorry to say, but that is the nature of flash. Multiple flash files will not automatically share variables/data across web page loads. It becomes quite complicated to do so. There is an easier way, and although I cannot give you much further support in this regard, you may want to consider having one primary flash file that loads in the various other swfs into itself using loadMovie() type actionscript commands…”

_ I guess if anyone here could help that would be great.
Thanks Tom