Flash site for my DJ friend

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’m fresh & new to the boards (as of today!) but definitely not new to flash. But, I thought I would get everyone’s expert opinion.

I’ve took on a project that’s a little more personal since I’m very close with the client :red: - and I feel even more pressured to make sure that it’s intense and cutting edge.

He’s a pretty big DJ in town (Charlotte, NC) - mainly sticks to select clubs and occassionally does parties. But he’s looking to expand his gigs… which, is also where the website comes into play.

Anyone care to help me brainstorm? I’ve been practically ripping out my blonde hair strand by strand these past couple days because I’m concentrating SO much on the theme that I can’t allow myself to think! (That… and my poor lil Bug was towed for the second time to VW this week…)

Definitely want to incorporate trippin’ colors… :cool:

thank ya’ll :wink: