Flash site-presentation


I 'd like to make a microsite for a friend (virtual synth desighner) and I know what want, but not how to do it.So here is a page.

If you’d like to help me,go there,select one of two images
Malström Graintable Synthesizer
NN-XT Advanced Sampler
and in the next page that shows,press the image in order to laod the flash file.That’s how I’d like to prestent my friends “products”.Can anyone help me?

I’d love to be helpful to everyone, and I’m sure you’re trying your best… personaly though I can’t take any free work that I should get paid for. Good luck with the work. Perhaps someone else around here can spare a little more time.

If you got a concept that you can write up in a post, and say, “hey, how can I do this?” then it benefits everyone, and I can afford it a little more attention.

Well,what is your problem? Maybe the wrong place to post? Should I post that to the tutorial section? Or is it that you don’t support such type of help? Anyway, if you are not interested in helping, then you could avoid answering.
I’m not into flash at all, and I didn’t wanted to read a bunch of tutorials to do something, as I have no time.That’s why I posted that.

Are you asking for someone to make a presentation or how to get the page to show the presentation ?
On either account I’m sure I can help in 1 way or another