Flash Template (Full site) use problems! Button trouble

First of all this is the file that i will be talking about so download it if you please

Ok first things first if any of you are up to that level and can please tell me how they did a few things and where i can go to change them
[]Link to another page from the buttons from the right side
]Also can you help me out with insetring the product of the “Photo Gallery” tutorial on this site in there (making a new page and takeing out the main picture of a sunset and putting that in its place)
[*]One last thing im not really sure but somehow you will see that if you preview this in the browser that the first button does not function as the other ones do and will not let me roll voer it anymore
[/list]A friend bought this for me for christmas and now i want to get it working and post it on the web so i can get down to business! Thanks!