Flash Templates: Quiz, has anyone branded one?


I was wondering if by chance anyone here has ever worked with or branded one of the Flash templates, in particular the quiz template?

I was just asked to look into branding the quiz template and customizing it for a department to implement into their LMS system and wondered if anyone had any do’s or don’ts or any advice they could lend me in regards to the templates. Or possibly a link to information on them that’s not found at Macromedia.

Just thought I would ask before I got started.


I had to rebrand and change slighty the quiz template for this course we build in lotus notes that used a flash quiz. I basically got rid of the intro screen and added some extra buttons here and there when necessary.

I can email u the fla of what ive done if u want, as i cant post it here as it is 2 meg.

Was it pretty easy to change the template?

Gary, You can download the pdf from here: http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/applications/learning_interactions/

It was a great help to when I first tried to work with the quiz templates, and it gives some guidelines on working with the LMS system.

Here’s some more info that might help too, I just came across it myself:


Thanks for the link jillymo, this pdf was exactly what I needed, you were right it really explains the quiz template in detail.


Glad it was helpful :flower: