Flash to xml & xml to flash

ok what im after will probly sound complicated but ill try and exsplain in steps if i can find away.
here we go…

situation =

I have 1 exe which is in a folder with 11 other swf’s and the exe folder is called AXSim.exe and its a login screen for the rest of the other swf’s.
In that folder is also an xml i whiped up with the VERY small knowledge on xml my mind contains. below is the setup

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

and on the AXSim.exe is a section where they can create a username and password with 2 text input text buttons, one with the variable password and the other with the variable username and there is a btn symbol i made called create_btn which when they click on that brn i was wanting the infomation they entered in the password section to be sent inbtween the password tags and the username section to be sent inbetween the username tags.

actions i want it to perform =

On that same AXSim.exe is a login section with two text fields using the same variable username and password and if the username and password matches the one that was sent to the xml file i want it to play an acces granted clip i made called granted_mc and when that clip is finished i want it to load an swf called lockdown.swf.
And i was wanting the user to beable to delete the sent infomation with a btn symbol called delete_btn that is located on the login section.

also =

Also i was wanting the information stored in the xml file tags to be able to be used by the other swf text fields that contain the same variables like if they enter nething other then the username and password that is stored in the xml i dont want it to do nething and if they entered correctly i want it to perform some action i can put in.


Yes its realy important i can sort this out as soon as possible because i have a deadline to meat and ive still got plenty of work that needs to be done on this project.
the deadline is the 31st of december but when i said alot i mean alot lol.
so if ne oen out there can help or knows of the perfect tutorial for me please help if u can.
i have done exstensive research into a tutorial for such a thing but no luck.
Any help is welcome and thanks in advanced.