Flash Tree Component With XML


Im am looking for the XML source code online to make life easier for me to learn XML. Unfortunately, I haven’t recieved such luck yet, so I’m going to chance it here.

I have created a tree diagram using the ‘Tree Component’ in flash, and have linked it to my XML file:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“iso-8859-1”?>
<node label = “Sports Club”>
<node label = “Ball Games”>
<node label = “Tennis” />
<node label = “Soccer”/>
<node label = “Bassball”/>
<node label = “Athletic Games”>
<node label = “100 Meters”/>
<node label = “100M Hurdles”/>


If you haven’t noticed yet, this is what the tree diagram looks like this :

Now I’ve managed to go this far, BUT, what i’m trying to do is that when the user chooses ‘Tennis’ from the tree diagram, I need to get text into my blank text-box.

So lemme make this clear:

The user clicks on ‘Tennis’:

I would need my textbox to display any form of information (see image):

To be frank, the textbox will have some tennis-related data in them.

So then, I live on hope…Could ANYONE help me on this? I would be very greatful. Like they say, “once you learn it, teach others”.

Thanks in advance.