Flash tutorials

Hi, i’m new to flash, and have been coming to kirupa for a couple of weeks now. I’ve already tried all the tutorials here for mx, so i was wondering if anyone else knew of a site that has in depth tutorials like this one. And if anyone can recomend a flash mx tutorial book that’d be great too.


plenty of sites out there… but… Dude! don’t stop at the MX tutorials… do all the flash 5 tutorials! do all the actionscript tutorials! That will get you well on your way!

if you’re hungry for more… www.actionscript-toolbox.com

www.flashkit.com will get you started.

I still say we have some of the best tutorials around. Actually, we DO have the BEST!

alright, thanks for the advice, and i’ll look into flash5 tutorials and actionscripting.:slight_smile: