Flash video mouse action delay

Anybody know how to have button react only after being click a certain amount of times. I would like to place little buttons in various positons over a flash video clip and have it so that when you click enough times (i.e 5-7 times) on the 7th click the on release function goes to a certain point in the video.

Id does not necessarily have to be a click…just something that delays the action so to build up tension.

I would like to achieve something like on the brainshow site: www.brainshow.com (on the mainpage there is a video where you have to tickle the guys nose…he itches his nose 2 or 3 times and then he finally sneezes…it seems like there are three clips in total. 1 of him at rest studying(maybe a still) 1 of him rubbing his nose, and a final clip of him sneezing. I just want to know he delays the mouse function like that.

thanks in advance