Flash web design help

whats the ideal pixle size for a full web site?

and how do u make the web site FULL screen?

Well, I would say it depends on what kind and what style of your website is. Some websites look good in large size, but some just look good in small size, and they even look better and fancy than in large.

Even you made a website in fullscreen, but if it doesn’t match the style of your website, it would look bad and stupid, and probably slow down your flash movie in the website as well. The larger size you set, the worst quality you get!

Moreover, you should consider to the popular resolution for most viewers (800600 /1024768).

Here’s two examples, they are my own website projects which I’m working on:

Intecom Networks (in small size)
Kiss Circus (fullscreen & don’t ever forget “Alt & F4” inorder to close it)

Indisputablely, website in fullscreen can draw people attention onto your website only. =) So here’s the “FULLSCREEN” Tutorial. I hope it’d help you out!

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Full screen windows actually draw people AWAY from your page. A majority of website viewers do not like being limited to one thing. If they are looking/working on something else they have to use Alt+Tab to switch between windows. I and many other people find this to be a pointless hassle. And the others that don’t know Alt+Tab get stuck and don’t know how to switch windows. Causing them to close your window and not go back.

If you do decide to use a full screen window you should at least add a close button for those people that don’t know Alt+F4 to close a window. The javascript way to close a window (can also be used in the getURL of flash) is javascript:close()

PS: Not to mention full screen Flash sites usually use scaling to fit the screen, this causes distortion, pixelation on any imported images, lagging, and if the monitor is small enough, unreadable text.

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Totally agree!!

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What I said is fullscreen could draw ppl’s attention on your website only, and it is true. I never mentioned that it would make the viewers stay long… I believe that people would close your website immediately if it’s just a piece of crape that you made. No matter it’s in fullscreen or not. Moreover, it depends on what’s the purpose of your website. If it’s not informational type or something like that, I wouldn’t bother and just let those busy ppl go and finish up their work. I’ve never seen any website in fullscreen which has no close button. Unless it’s underconstruction like mine.
The main concept is to develop/use the advantage of the function, find the things which suit yourself! Not just look up others’ shoulders.

You state your facts and I state mine. Then with the collaborated facts we will allow hydraguard to make his/her own decision:) Sounds like a plan to me:)