Flash Website - Please help

Hi Guys!

Im making a flash website - an online portfolio for my design work as I go through uni. My problem is my lack of Flash knowledge and i think i am lost before ive started!

Id really like to get a hold of Flash before we go back this semester and was hoping someone could mentor me and give me advice about creating links and pages and getting this portfolio working through navagation? Its only a simple navagation:
[]mouse over a series of 4 squares at top (about, portfolio, services, contact) makes square colour turn from brown to white and a list of subcategorys appear (eg under portfolio is graphic design, photo…)
]Click on one of these and it opens up in a main window to the right with a list of works
[*]Click on a work name and an image opens up in a small frame to the right with some information about it.
[/list]Ive got a .fla file which I can send with my layout included and an attempt at the navigation which doesnt work.

I will be forever greatful! Please help me and reply!!!

ekp xx