Flash Website - problem with loading pictures into a gallery

My problem is : I have made a homepage, completely in Flash Mx2004, but I’m currently experiencing problems. I am not really good at ActionScript, so I’m asking you to help me. Check the attached file Website.zip file for hp.fla, that’s the home page document. When you go to …//slike\… sub-site (button on top) and you select any of the subsections (buttons that load) you will get a gallery. The aligning doesn’t bother me, I’ll get to that later, but the images won’t load, and debug doesn’t say a thing. What did I do wrong?

Can anyone help me, please?

In the functions skip the “_root” before containerMC and in the (thumb)buttons replace “_root” with “_parent”:wink:
"_root" refers to the main timeline, as soon as you load the swf the main timeline will be hp’s timeline and not eg slike1’s .


Thanks, I’ll try that

Wow, it works! Thanks for helping a poor n00b.