Flash with JSP


I am a beginner in flash. I want to display a map using flash. I have to call flash from JSP. When i click on 2 cities on the map, it should show all airline routes connecting the 2 cities. Either draw a line connecting all the cities in between the selected cities or show the cities in a different color. The details of airline routes are in the database. I should get the names of the cities from the database and pass it to flash. I have heard that for ASP there are some tools like ASP generator to pass the values from the database. Is there some similar tool available for JSP? How can I implement my idea using flash?

Sorry vinita, I really don’t know how to go about helping you on this topic. I’m not familiar with JSP and Flash. Try posting www.actionscripts.org or [url=“http://www.flashkit.com”]www.flashkit.com