Flash won't recognize image formats

Just curious as to why FlashMX won’t recognize PICT, TIFF, and other formats that it says it does. I can import them via quicktime without a problem, but it should recognize a PICT and not have to use quicktime. Im running Flash on Mac. Is this a bug? This isn’t a problem, except when i want to import image sequences. If i use PNG files it’s okay, but with PICT, or TIFF it won’t import the sequence, just the first image through quicktime. I used to use Flash 4 on the mac and these files worked fine.

I’ve never tried to import those before, but I think the only image file types MX supports are PNG, JPEG and GIF. I could be wrong though.

My mistake. TIFF it will only imort through Quicktime. But in the manual it does say that PICT files, .pict and .pct, are supported without the need of quicktime on the mac. The windows version needs quicktime to import PICTs. But every time i import a PICT is says the format isn’t recognized and asks if i want to import it via quicktime.