First I apologize if I’m in the wrong forum. I’ve been spending days trying to figure out how to upload a flash video to my Homestead files. We run a site for abused kids and wanted to show the John 3:16 flash video at Easter time. Here is the problem…

We downloaded the video to the hard drive, it appears as a small camera and the file is titled pict.exe…the problem occurs when we try to import it to our file site, it tells us that these kinds of files are not supported or allowed to be imported to Homestead.

Someone said it has to be a swf file? How do I convert or change the exe file to swf? Is there another way of getting the video onto EZboard without uploading it to your site at Homestead? Or how do I convert the file to one that can be imported to Homestead.

Thanks so much in advance…

republish it from flash, or even CTRL+Enter the movie while you’re editing and flash automatically saves the swf in the same directory as the fla.

You can’t import .exe files into flash, you need to get the video out of the executable first…what kinda exe is that!?

Thank you. I downloaded the video from this site www.gieson.com/

It is on my hard drive as a zipped file and it says the swf is somewhere in the zip file. I tried to open the file, but I can’t. So how do I open a zipped file and find the swf. When I right click the file and hit open, it just shows me the video. No urls for the swf file that I need to upload it to my site.


I don’t know which one you downloaded, are you sure it’s the www-version, not the one s’posed to be run from your HD? I got the 1st one (walk) , and everything is fine, swf+html in the zip!?