[Flash8]Is there a way to make a preloader with onEnterFrame and...?

Is there a way to make a preloader base on onEnterFrame function and then delete it after the content has finished loading? I’m asking this because I used this method for some thumbnail preloader movie but the thing is that when I end up with 30 generated thumbnails they eat up processor power because each thumnail’s onEnterFrame function is running endlessly…

The code I used is this one and it’s placed inside the tumbnail clip where the preloader components are:

thumb_loader.thumbLbar._xscale = 0;
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
				filesize = thumbHolder.getBytesTotal();
				loaded = thumbHolder.getBytesLoaded();
				thumb_loader._visible = true;
				if (loaded != filesize) {
					thumb_loader.thumbLbar._xscale = 100*loaded/filesize;
				} else {


Now, when I want the onEnterFrame action to stop (whe teh content has finished loading) I add the following line inside the [COLOR=DarkRed]else[/COLOR] tag:

delete this.onEnterFrame;

but I know it’s not right because the preloader doesn’t show anymore…it displays for a split second at the begining of the download and then it disapears and at the end the content is displayed…

Does anyone know why that is?
Appreciate any help I can get…