[flash8] Issue playing/pausing video from classes

This project is Actionscript 2.0, Flash 8 player, Authored in Flash CS3

I’m using a class to attach a movie to a video object I’ve created (and added the proper linkage to) on the stage. Loading the video wasn’t a problem, it shows up and plays. The issue I’m having is that the movie is ignoring my pause command which is being sent from within the same class.

The code I use to create the object:

var newScaffold:Object = new VideoScaffold("assets/video/UnAlbertan.flv", 320, 240);

Class Code: (problem code in red)

class PresentationSlideshow.VideoPlayer.VideoScaffold extends MovieClip {

	private var _stageWidth:Number = Stage.width;
	private var _stageHeight:Number = Stage.height;
	private var _ncConnection:NetConnection;
	private var _nsStream:NetStream;
	//private var _isPlaying:Boolean = true

	public function VideoScaffold(path:String, vWidth:Number, vHeight:Number){
		buildScaffold(path, vWidth, vHeight);

	private function buildScaffold(path:String, vWidth:Number, vHeight:Number){
		// Create container for movie
		var movieContainer:MovieClip = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("movieContainer", _root.getNextHighestDepth());
		// Attach the video objct within the empty movie
		movieContainer.attachMovie("theVideo", "videoContainer", this.getNextHighestDepth());
		// Set the container so the video is in the exact middle of the screen
		movieContainer.videoContainer._width = vWidth;
		movieContainer.videoContainer._height = vHeight;
		movieContainer._x = (_stageWidth/2) - (vWidth/2);
		movieContainer._y = (_stageHeight/2) - (vHeight/2);
		movieContainer.attachMovie("videoControls", "videoControls", movieContainer.getNextHighestDepth());
		movieContainer.videoControls._x = (vWidth/2)-225;
		movieContainer.videoControls._y = vHeight + 40;

	public function buildControls(vWidth:Number, vHeight:Number){
		// Place the controls under the movie


	public function loadVideo(path:String):Void{
		_ncConnection = new NetConnection();
		_nsStream = new NetStream(_ncConnection);

		// Add functionality to the controls 
[COLOR="Red"]		_root.movieContainer.videoControls.playPauseButton.onRelease = function():Void{



Any help would be much appreciated.