[FlashCS3+as2] Controlling TWO movie Clips with the mouse at the SAME time

I am building a kind of virtual Sticker Book for a children’s site. It has a bunch of stickers in a scrollable sicker sheet at the bottom that, when clicked create an instance of the sticker (and multiple instances of any sticker) that you can place anywhere on the background image. The background image is horizontally long, so about a third to half the image is hidden by a mask at any given time.

Ok, So I have a dynamically created movie clip [A] that is attached to another movie clip .
Movie Clip ** needs to scroll left and right and movie clip [A] needs to be drag and drop AND scroll with mc

I have everything working EXCEPT, I need the user to be able to be drag mc[A] and when they reach the edge of the viewable mc**, mc** scrolls to show the hidden part (here’s the troublesome part) with out having to stop dragging mc[A].

I have tried MULTIPLE methods and the mc being dragged is always dropped the instant the other movie clip starts to scroll.