FlashCS3 w/2.0 AS Playback stalling at beginning

so I made a piece

and as you see it stays grey for a while before anything plays. There is a preloader in there but this is beyond that. I have made others before that work fine and constructed this the same way. The only difference is this was made in CS3 and dumbed down to ACTION SCRIPT 2.0. On some browsers it does work immediately…others the long pause. We just bought the server service and asked what was the problem this is the answer they gave which i find hard to believe since there is no video.

Thank you for contacting pair Networks.

I checked on the Flash content, and it appears that you are using a
stand-alone SWF file for the player and movie. The hairdog2.swf file is
2.5MB in size, which will take some time to download before being able to
be played.

You may want to consider switching over to using a FLV file for use with
progressive downloading. That will let the player launch in the window and
then start to play the video as it downloads, rather than having to
download the entire 2.5MB file first.

The server itself appears to be fine, and I’m not seeing any system errors
with it that would be causing slowdowns. It just appears to be due to the
file size and type of Flash coding being used.

Thank you.


You may want to check the following page that explains some of the 
different methods of using Flash video on a site :


Both the embedded format (which is what hairdog2.html is using now) and 
progressive downloading are supported on the server here.  The third 
streaming option is the only one that isn't supported.  

I would suggest changing the page to use the separate FLV video file along 
with progressive downloading to avoid the delay of downloading all of the 
2.5MB of data before the video plays.

If there was a server setting you were concerned over, just let us know 
what setting and what you wanted that to be set to.  We could review it and 
see if it is something we can change or something that can be altered in 
your account. 

Thank you!

So I am at a loss. It may be a simple setting etc but I do not know what is happening.