[FlashCS4]Transitions between external SWFs help!

Hello all,

I’ve been using the transitions between external swfs tutorial for quite a while now and I am trying to make use of it in my latest site but have run into a problem. I can load a movie into the container but when I click on any other menu button nothing happens. I was pretty sure I had everything called correctly but I might not after all. Unlike the tutorial, I do not have anything loading into the container right away. I have a separate container (called pic_container) which my background loads into. I will provide as much code as possible below. Please help me if you can! I would be greatly appreciative! Here is the structure of my site first:

Main Menu loads XML driven background image
Main Menu buttons load external swfs

Here is the structure of one of the buttons in my Main Menu swf:
Main>Contact Motion (where the fade-in happens)>contact butt
All of the code below is on the highest level

Here is the code on my buttons:

this.onRelease = function() {
    if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
        _root.currMovie = "Randall_contact";
    } else if (_root.currMovie != "Randall_contact") {
        if (_root.container._currentframe>=_root.container.midframe) {
            _root.currMovie = "Randall_contact";

Thanks in advance for any and all help. I hope this all makes sense.