[FlashCS4]XML Gallery/Slideshow thumbnail scroller position help!

I am trying to use rhamejs slideshow (located here) and I would like to move the scroller to a certain position on the stage but I’m not sure how to do it. My stage is 900px wide with a nav bar along the bottom. All I want to do is move the scroller to the right of my nav buttons and left of another button that is in the far right corner. I would like to stay within that space which expands depending on your browser/screen size. The main stage is set up to resize based on browser/screen size and all the nav buttons are anchored. I basically need the left edge of the scroller to be 535px from the left edge of the stage at all times. I need the right edge of the scroller to be 185px from the right edge of the stage at all times.

I have tried editing these lines but after the width of your window gets to a certain point, the thumbs stop scrolling or disapear completely:m::

if (nav == "nobuttons") {
    scroller._x = 0;
    scroller.mask._x = 0;
    scroller.mask._width = Stage.width;
    scroller.container._x = Stage.width/2;
    scroller.counterText._x = Stage.width/2;

I have also tried edting these lines as well. Both at the same time as the above lines and separately:

var sl:Object = new Object();
sl.onResize = function() {
    if (nav == "nobuttons") {
        //right side edge limit
        scroller.mask._width = Stage.width;
        if (scroller.container._width>Stage.width) {
        } else {
            scroller.container.tween("_x", Stage.width-715-scroller.container._width/2, stageResizeTweenSpeed, stageResizeTween);
            delete scroller.onEnterFrame;

Are there lines that I need to add? Are there other lines that I should be editing intead? If anyone can help me I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks rhamej for an awesome slideshow!:thumb: