FlashFlash Revolution (DDR online!)

Hey guys,
just wondering if anyone of you play ffr, it’s like ddr but on your keyboard, and online. It’s a load of fun, and I’m god at ddr, so if anyone wants to challenge me, I’ll be glad to. :mu:

Oh yeah, 575 combo!

Oh no… DDR scares me. Oh I can see them now… So serious. Hopping and jumping. So cool.

is it on a website or is it a game you buy?

I’ve played FFR for a year and a half or so. We could challenge sometime, but on what song?

Did you see the new R2 Preview a few days ago?!

I just use Stepmania. It’s loads better than FFR, since you can not only use most any song from the game, you can download user made songs, or make your own.

And the interface and game itself includes all the extra gamemodes that the Machines do, and it doesn’t only play it on on a single tempo like FFR does. But still, FFR is good if you’re away from your computer and need to get your DDR fix.

meh I use stepmania and FFR. and I’m pretty good. And no I haven’t seen v2 yet, can’t wait for it though.

the website is what you play on :


and stepmania is

www.stepmania.com <download

And ethan, you can kiss my arse! XP j/k

I played it at least a year ago too. Never was too good at it, though. Remember having trouble with the FF7 Boss Battle Theme :-/

Never played FFR but my friends did and they told me it sucked BIG time…?

I stick to stepmania…

ffr is nothing like ddr, but its challenging to say the least

6 out of 10 in my point of view

God, I get seizures from these games. Way too many colors.

You really do?

No, not really, but it’s like motion sickness for me, even watching.

i vote servo vs grinch, that would be a good battle. Cmon servo, you know you want to.

i vote servo vs grinch, that would be a good battle. Cmon servo, you know you want to.

What does that have to do with anything?

I never did like DDR…I’ll stick to joint opperations :slight_smile: Right Disco-Stu?

No no no continum, A DDR BATTLE you retard. THat is what this thread is about.

you retard

Whoa, i think you had better watch your mouth. You could have specified as to what you meant by battle.

And as you know, grinch has been battle crazy over the past few months :wink:

I’m getting DDR for The Xbox as soon as i get a new friggin pad,( my other one was wireless and really pissed me off somtimes so it got what it was looking for, a Dance with my Freeking bat!)

i dont think it’s quite fair to compare ffr and stepmania, because FFR is online while stepmania is a standalone download.

I decline the challenge, as I would surely get pwn3t.

say, can anyone actually do the Chrono Trigger Battle Theme (under Arcade)? It’s crazy! :hr: