Flashpoints, Flashcoins, Whatever...HELP!

How would I make it so that when a button is clicked (in flash), the variable which contains the points are sent to a page using PHP? Just like nickpoints, or stuff like when you play flash games you get points and get to use em for whatever later. THANKS!!!

Sup Marz. Alright lemme clear this up a little :). When I say on click, I don’t mean exactly onPress :P. Anyways, I know how to handle the button. What I need is a php code. Thanks.

Here’s a list of commands I want the code to do:

  1. Recieve the name from the flash game. (The variable that holds the name is name)

  2. Recieve the points from the flash game. (The variable that holds the points is points)

  3. Send these variables to a page with my name on it and my points.

  4. If I come back to the page, I still have the same points as last time.

  • Thanks. :}