Flew over New Orleans/Biloxi

I had the opportunity to fly over New Orleans and Biloxi yesterday morning and I saw everything!

The detail was between a helicopter and a satellite (it was a small 24-person commuter jet), so I saw detail.

In New Orleans yesterday, there were still BLOCKS and BLOCKS off of I-10 that are flooded.

By my calculations, up to 2 million people were displaced, based on what I saw and the numbers of phone bill customers and energy customers who were disconnected.

The white lines that made up I-10 would split off and go into blackness. The blackness was water, and it was unbelievable.

In Biloxi I saw the same scarred coastline. The docks were missing, and I couldn’t see any boats. It looked like everything was scraped off the coast in some areas.

No wonder they are evacuating New Orleans! It’s the “Lost City” of New Orleans.