Flex / flash small project

I have a project that i need done, I have a .fla file that i need to use in flex. It is written in flash but flex uses as3 so i know it can work just dont know how to incorparate them. please email me at kurbster(at)kurbstersfx(dot)com if you can help. Willing to pay good :slight_smile: I will post more details if I get any questions. thank you guys.

P.S. I posted this in the wrong section on this website earlier and I’m sorry mods, I will make sure not to make this mistake again.

I never used flex, but from what I hear, Flex can open .fla files. Like in “file>open” or something. Or maybe there’s a “file>import” or something.

Yes, Flex is an Adobe product which makes and uses action script, and makes swf movies. So does anyone wanna get paid yet? :expressionless: