[Flex] - Q about screens

This is my first week working with Flex Builder 2 and so far so good. However I have a question that seems like it should have a real obvious solution but I haven’t found it yet :slight_smile:

Basically what I want to do is have 3 sections in my application.

Section 1 - Contact Information:
A form that gathers the users contact information. Once it’s validated, I want to go to a different screen (form) that will gather quoting information.

I have the validation working fine, and the data is passed to php with no problem and send back a result to the Flex app. If the result is 1 (which means everything was inserted into my sql table) I want Flex to jump to a different screen which will have a different form.

In Flash there are tons of different ways to do this, but because of no time line or movie clips in Flex, I have no idea how to achieve this.

A work around I guess would to just have a conditional in the xmxl file that will generate the appropriate code based on a query.

if (section1 == 1){
// make form 1
}else if (section2 == 1){
// make form 2
// yada yada yada

The above seems overly complicated for such a simple task. I’m hoping this is something really simply I am just overlooking.

Also since we are on topic, I find the documentation for Flex not too helpful. What resources are you guys using to learn this stuff?