Floating a mc

I need to float movieclips and they only move like 2-5 pixels each time off the x or y axis.

I got the codes right but now I need them to start in the stated ._x and ._y instead of being at random.

It would even be better if these codes can be also controlled by mouse movement but I doubt it’s possible because it’s being controlled by onClipEvent already?

thanks for the help in advance!

onClipEvent(load) {
        acceleration = 10
        newpos = function () {
        ranx = Math.round((Math.random ()*10));
        rany = Math.round((Math.random ()*10));

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
        this._x += ((ranx-this._x)/acceleration);
        this._y += ((rany-this._y)/acceleration);
        if (Math.round(this._x) == ranx || Math.round(this._y) == rany) {