Fluid design with .swf embedded

Small issue with a banner(swf, with XML for settings) that shows random pictures:

I’m using that component in a ‘Fluid design’ website, and i’ve put the code in a ‘Div tag’. The page shows up nicely on my laptop and it scales down if i reduce the window size of my browser.

However, if i look at the page on a bigger monitor (1920×1080), it does not scale up :suppose_maybe:

I’ve been messing with different height & width settings in the ‘Embed’-line

(swfobject.embedSWF(“bannermetpics/BannerFX.swf”,  “BannerFX”,**“1000”, “600”**, “9.0.0”, false, flashvars, params); 

AND in the settings.xml

<componentHeight value=“1000”/>  <componentWidth value=“1650”/>

I found out that the settings.xml sets height & width for the animation (or component) INSIDE a box, and that the size of that box is decided by the “1000” & “600” in my ‘Embed’-line.

I already figured out that setting percentages doesn’t work (my component isn’t shown then), so I’m trying pixels.

I also tried different

params.scale = “”; settings

(default, exactFit, noScale & noBorder), to try to get this to work, but no succes…

How can i make my animation big enough and make it fit in its (invisible) box, so that is rescales to whatever size monitor/tablet/phone it is shown on ??

Please see the site below for code & visuals