FLV Cue Points - Scene Selection

I have an FLV file which plays back using the playback component.

I have added cue points into the FLV file.

I would like to create buttons that will go to the specified cue points. So If someone clicks on a button, it takes them to that part of the video. (kind of like a dvd scene selection menu).

Is this even possible? How would I go about doing it?


Does anyone know how this is done? I’m desperate.

I came across this solution on the macromedia site:
“seekToCuePoint( “introduction” );”

But I don’t think thats right? Shouldn’t I have a tell target or something?


This link might enlighten you.


Thanks Claudio!

That seems to work.

However, I have another issue. It only appears to work with the Media Playback component. I’m using the FLV Playback Component (Flash 8) with a custom skin, and I can’t get it to work.

Is there another way I can accomplish this? Worst case, I guess I’ll have to use the old media player component.

Thanks again!

Well, i have never tried the FLV Playback component, but i have just read the methods available and there is a seekToNavCuePoint method there :wink:

So basically, I need something like this:

on (click) {
this._parent.myMediaControl1.seekToNavCuePoint(“cue1”); }

I know basic scripting, but this is going over my head… It gives me the error message “Invalid seek”.

Then maybe cue1 is not a cue point. Check that.

Thanks Claudio!

It was definitely a cue point. However, I went back into Flash Video Encoder, and started playing around. I created one cue point with the type “Navigation”. and then used that video in my project. When I clicked the button. It went to that cue point.

The script I used was:

on (click) {



Thanks again for your help!

Anytime man, glad i could help. :slight_smile: