Flv issue


I’m having an issu converting an flv for web. This may not be the right place to post because of the videos source but I thought I would give it a try. Anyways the video is coming from premiere pro and being encoded with adobe media encoder cs4. When i set the video to flv there is no aspect to ratio option…wtf? The source video is 4:3 but the output is 1:1. This creates bars on the side of the video. If anyone knows how to remedy the aspect ratio please let me know.

I’m trying to understand adobe’s reason for the aspect ratio to remain at 1:1. Anyways computer have square pixels and tv’s are rectangular. so should all flv’s for computer output be 1:1. And if so why are other codec left with the option?

I’ll post on a video forum as well but since it deals with flv’s I though I would try here too.