FLV Playback Issue

Hello to everyone…

Here’s my problem-

I’ve followed the tutorial on gotoAndLearn for building a custom FLV player, and up until recently it worked flawlessly both locally and on the web. However, after updating to the most recent version of the player (, both IE and Firefix crash completely when trying to replay the file. Does anyone know of any issues with the current player? The reason I ask is that I have another machine here that has on it and it plays the problem files just like expected.

Here is the link to the custom player:


I’ve also attached a zipped version of the .fla file that I used to create the above player. Anyone that has time to check this out, I appreciate it.

Also, I just tried accessing the .swf directly (http://www.vmpmedia.com/videoPlayer.swf) and everything works. I really don’t have any idea now…any help?