FLV...what now?

hello all, so first lemme say that im a NoOb again…well sorta, its been a LOOOOONNGGGG time since ive done ANY web work. ive been for the past few weeks doing a project and its now time for flash and its KILLING ME. i used to be good at flash a LONG time ago. but now my brain is about fried lol… last relavant ishh i knew was in AS1 and 2.0 i was getting into but kind of stopped.

fast fowarding to now…im getting back into it all…and um, im losing it lol. seeing as how i couldnt even write a basic button function like on press go n play xyz in AS3, when i copy/pasted in AS2 in a new doc it worked so um… im gonna stay in AS2 for now…just need to get this done.

anyways so, im looking around for the best way to stream video into a page because the video i want to use is about um…i think its about 70mb and i want to bring it down as much as possible without losing too much quality and also, i want to know the best way to stream it. unless the file size gets reduced ALOT then i dont want to use a 70mb file on the timeline. ive researched alot and the overall consensus is FLV but i dont understand how it works i mean, i undestand the concept but i need a GOOD tutorial. something that walks me step by step more or less.

ive looked EVERYWHERE but find nothing that helps me in my new-bish state. on here in kirupa i see alot of “Flix” but nothing on what i need. i went to the website to see if i could find the program that kirupa talks highly about but i didnt find it.

any ideas?
oh and PS…if there is a better or BEST way to stream video in flash then PLEASE lemme know. im not looking for handouts as far as info goes, im willing to put in the mental work but im just waisting time on google…everyone thinks theyre way is best so…decided to come on here and ask