FLVplayback button issues

Okay here’s the deal…

I am posting this for a friend who is having some troubles with this compenent. I can’t post the .swf files because the project is locked under Non-disclosure agreements. So anything I don’t cover, please ask questions.

Problem ========================================
When he loads the swf inside of the webpage, the buttons will not show. When he views the swf by direct link (ie. www.domain.com/swf/file.swf) the buttons work fine.

He had a similar problem with a different file and was told to change a loop to “true”. The code he shared with me that he fixed the previous file was:

fo.addParam("loop", "true");

If anyone has another idea of what would cause that, can you please share? Thanks in advance for any help figuring out why the buttons won’t work while in the HTML file.