Hey everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone had any insite on using the FLVPlaybackCaptioning class. I’m having an issue where I’m loading videos from a database and some of them might have subtitles. I’m getting all sorts of weird issues. I don’t think the issue is a specific code issue but more of an understanding of how the class works. So, I really just wanted to start a discussion on how the FLVPlaybackCaptioning class works and how it reacts when loading multiple videos.

I’ve found this post:

…which talks about creating multiple instances of the video player. For me, I don’t know if that’s a good option because there are thousands of videos in this database and I never know how many of them are going to be. But, I might be misunderstanding how to create and remove these instances.

I’ve also found this:


Useful but not specific enough for what I needed.

To make them work with multiple videos, I’ve tried:

  1. Updating the FLVPlaybackCaptioning.source:
    Result: Captions are not updated
  2. Resetting FLVPlaybackCaptioning.showCaptions:
    Result: I was hoping it might just be a redraw issue but in hindsite, I was just shooting in the dark. It obviously didn’t work.
  3. Destroying the FLVPlaybackCaptioning variable and creating a new one:
    Result: If the new video has captions, it will correct itself once a new cue point is hit. If the video does not have captions, the captions will sit there indefinitely no matter how FLVPlaybackCaptioning.showCaptions is set.

As I said, I was hoping to just create a thread where we could talk about how this class works and hopefully solve a few issues that others might be having as well.