I have this flv player on the stage, loads a random flv(works great), and when I click a btn, I would like it to clear the player…wait a time for something to happen, then when another btn is clicked it will reload another random flv(which is sometimes the same flv) and go on again…

btw…when that btn is clicked…it fades out the player, and then fires some other function…also works fine…sort of…

so I tried this:

Throws an error:
Error #1069: Property clear not found on fl.video.FLVPlayback and there is no default value.

ok…so to get it to work, I used:
FLVPlayer.visible = false;

then when that back btn is clicked, and on the odd chance my randomize function picks the same flv that was playing when the first btn was clicked, it picks up right where it left off rather than starting over from the beginning.

So, I went with this:
FLVPlayer.autoRewind = true;

That solved the issue with the same flv being picked by the randomize function.
It starts from the begining like it should should that same flv is picked…

But this seems like a total hack job, and not really what I wanted to do, which is to be able to clear the flv player.

ok…did this make any sense?
I can go with what I have, but I feel like this can be better.

so back to the real question…

how come that FLVPlayer.clear(); doesn’t work, and keeps throwing that error?

Thanks in advance.