[FMX] 3-d array and xml

Hi, this is my first test posting anything here, lets se how it goes :ne:

My problem is like this:
I have an xml that looks like this (but with a lot more nodes of course).

   <case id="01" client="nisse" desc="test test">
      <photo name="test.jpg" />
      <photo name="test2.jpg" />

Everything works fine except that after about 3-4 runs when I converting the xml to an array the taggs turns empty :-\
This also happends if it’s only one photo-tagg.

This is the code for the photo-tagg

var strLength;
	strLength = children*.childNodes.length;
	myArrayCases*[6] = new Array(strLength);
	for (j=0; j<strLength; j++){
		myArrayCases*[6][j] = new Array();
			myArrayCases*[6][j][0] = children*.childNodes*.attributes.name;	// Bildfilen

The whole code and xmlfile is in the attached file, if you run it look in the output window and you’ll se what I mean.

welcome roady!
Sadly, and with this being your first post, you might not get too many takers. XML isn’t really a big discussion topic around here, especially when used with a 4-D array.

Id suggest a lot of tracing :wink: Id help more but I dont have much time on my hands at the moment.

oh :frowning:

why aint xml a big topic then ???